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Contact Us (与我们联系)

Kevin Whang, Pastor   (黃克文牧師)

Tel: 732-8907474, email : kwhang7@yahoo.com


Ming-Kung Liou, Chair, Board of Elders, Retired  (劉明昆)

Tel:347-5751221, email: lihua8liou@yahoo.com


Duan li ting, Visiting Pastor (段利亭牧師 )



Han Wu Zhen, Pastor  (韩武珍牧师 )


Ms. Iris Tong, Director, Cantonese Ministries (陳斯静) 

Email: iristong821@gmail.com

Ms. Emma Xue Han, Director, Youth Ministries (韓雪)

Email: xuehan1110@gmail.com

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